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WebhostingHub is one of the top web hosting companies globally, mainly with regards to its performance, its web hosting features, its technical support, its performance, its reputation, its competitive website hosting package pricing and its overall performance. WebHostingHub, initially founded in 2006, is based in Virginia, designed for all start up business websites and even personal websites. This web hosting service is coordinated and controlled by In Motion hosting, its sister brand.

 WebHostingHub has found its way in principal best webhosting review companies, outshining some reputable hosting companies. Currently, WebHostingHub has 1000 serves and 100 employees, serving over hundred thousand clients globally. This webhosting service is gradually climbing the ladder in the web hosting industry, not at all by sheer luck, but because of the first class hosting services it provides.

What features does WebHostingHub offer?

Web Hosting Hub offers quite an extensive array of website hosting packages for everyone. It supports all the latest cutting-edge technology for the popular Linux shared webhosting except for PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails databases. Along with this top notch technology, WebHostingHub offers:

  1.   Unlimited disk space
  2.  Ninety day full money back guarantee
  3.  Unlimited bandwidth
  4.  Free Domain
  5.  Unlimited hosting domain
  6.  $75 free Bing/ yahoo search
  7.  $75 free Google Adwords
  8.  Unlimited FTP
  9.  Unlimited Email account and disk storage
  10.  Unlimited MySQL
  11.  5.2.17 & 5.3.10 PHP
  12.  Wordpress, Joomla, drupal


In terms of performance, WebHostingHub outshines some of the reputable web hosting services in the industry. It has the fastest web hosting plan. A recent study with the Wordpress program proved WebHostingHub to be 30% faster than BlueHost, 600% than GoDaddy and 200% than the renowned HostGator.

Most clients of WebHostingHub are thrilled with the reliability of the web hosting service. The serves are never down, and there is a credible 100% guarantee. WebHostingHub provides 24/7 incredible customer support. You can even live chart with WebHostingHub technical support on any topic or query you might have.

This web hosting price details constitute $3.95 for a three year plan, $4.95 for a two year plan and $5.95 for a two year plan. These prices are way cheaper than those of renowned web hosting companies, and the more loyal a customer you are, the less price they charge for your web hosting service. Moreover, with the ninety full day back money guarantee, you can be utterly sure of the web hosting service credibility and reliability.

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