Ranking Hosting Providers

Buy Top Hosting Providers  is a new website established in 2013 in order to help people when trying to get and buy a hosting services.

We at Buy Top Hosting Providers trying hard to save our clients time and money by doing our homework. Our team always trying to find the new and best hosting Providers on the web to list and rank them on our website.

So what is our rating formula used to rank these hosting providers above other providers?

Many term and variable are taking into consideration, For Example:       

·       Customer Support                                                                        -     Bandwidth Limitations

·        Protocols Offered                                                                        -     Hosting Billing Cycle

·       Connection Speed and Quality                                                  -     Device Compatibility

·       Location of  Servers                                                                     -     Web hostinh User Reviews

·       Number of servers                                                                       -     web hosting Packages Offered

·       Payment Methods                                                                        -     Domain Names

Help Us to provide the most accurate Web Hosting Providers Ranking, How?!

We highly encourage our clients to rank any web hosting providers he/she used before and had an experience with them. We ask to add reviews for each provider even it is very bad. But we just want to ask to be honest when ranking them so other people can save their time and money based on your review and our ranking formula. We give the Users Review a high weigh in our ranking so please help us to do it in a right way.

Some spaces on our website have paid services, this is how we keep going. If we will find that those providers do not deserve their current ranking or there is a better hosting providers deserve to be on their places For sure we will switch their places and drop them down to a lower ranking. 


Thank you

Hosting Providers Ranking Team.

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